External resources

Across the UK, concerned campaigners are raising their voices about the threat to Rights of Way.

Open Spaces Society

The Open Spaces Society is an organisation that campaigns for the preservation of common land and Rights of Way across the Country. They campaign for closures of specific rights of way and access to open water, open countryside and public land.

You can also buy ‘Restoring the Record’ the most comprehensive and exhaustive guide to finding and interpreting archival evidence for DMMOs on their website.

The Ramblers

The Ramblers have organised a national campaign entitled ‘Don’t Lose Your Way’. It’s full of useful resources for finding online archival evidence. They have local branches that can help with DMMO submissions.

The Rambler’s Mapping tool is a fantastic place to start you right of way research

The British Horse Society

The British Horse Society fight to preserve access to Bridleways across the country. They have developed their own toolkit for identifying and recording Bridleways specifically. They also offer small grants of £100 for volunteers who are recording footpaths.

UK Government Advice

The British Government has compiled ‘A guide to definitive maps and changes to public rights of way – 2008 revision‘ that provides official guidance for applying for modifications to Definitive Maps.