Team Members

Dr Joe Thorogood

This project is led by Dr Joe Thorogood, a Geographer at Coventry University. Joe’s research interest span political and historical geography. His PhD involved archival research at the Library of Congress and National Archives in Washington DC and he has since published on popular cartoons and geopolitics.

Joe’s interest in this project came from running. He noticed that some of the Rights of Way in rural Worcestershire inexplicably ended in the middle of fields. After investigating, he realised that RoW research required all sorts of skills, from interpreting satellite data to digging through dusty documents. He assembled a team of geographers with interests in remote sensing, cultural history and GIS (Geographical Information Systems) to help develop methods for identifying and researching rights of way.

Dr Alex Hastie

Dr Charley Hill-Butler

Dr Charley Hill-Butler is a Lecturer at Coventry University. Charley’s research interests focus on the use of geospatial technologies to better inform our environment. She has academic and consultancy experience using GIS and Remote Sensing, and have included the inception of new GIS and Remote Sensing methodologies and the development and testing of new systems.

Charley’s interest in this project include the opportunity to improve the use of geospatial technologies in archival research and empowering communities to protect their rights of way through crowdsourcing.

Dr Matt Blackett
Dr Jonathan Dale
Dr Nigel Trodd